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NAI torpedoes own patent with faulty §120 priority

| October 9, 2018

Natural Alternatives v. Iancu

October 1, 2018

Before Prost, Moore and Reyna.  Opinion by Prost.


Natural Alternatives International (“NAI”) asserted USP 8,067,381 (“the ‘381 patent” against Woodbolt Distributers, LLC (“Woodbolt”).  The ‘381 patent asserted priority back to a parent, USP 5,965,596 (“the ‘596 patent”) filed in 1997.  Woodbolt filed a request for inter partes reexamination asserting that the §120 priority chain was broken by an intermediate patents assertion of priority only to a provisional application filed in 2003.  The Examiner and Patent Board agreed and rejected the claims of the ‘381 patent in view of the ‘596 patent as prior art.  NAI appealed the Board’s decision.  The CAFC affirmed the Examiner and Board on the basis of faulty §120 priority.

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