CAFC reiterates patent eligibility of isolated DNA in the Myriad case

Ryan Chirnomas | August 16, 2012

Less than a month after hearing oral arguments, the CAFC panel has issued a decision in the controversial AMP v. USPTO (Myriad genetics case). The CAFC reached the same conclusion as they did last year: (1) the Plaintiffs do have standing, (2) the isolated DNA and cDNA claims are patent eligible, (3) the “analyzing” and “comparing” method claims are not patent eligible and (4) the screening method claim is patent eligible.

We will provide further analysis of the decision in the coming days, including the panel’s reasoning why the Mayo holding is limited to method claims, and does not affect composition claims.  Readers should be aware that this is likely not the last word on this case…An en banc rehearing and/or another petition to the Supreme Court are very likely.

The full opinion can be read here:

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